🍑 Georgia Votes

What is this?

a) That's a rude way to say hello.
b) It's a simple website that takes publicly available early voting information and organizes it in a way that's useful.

Who are you?

My name is Ryan. I do data and marketing with an agency in Atlanta. I also post on Twitter.

Who is paying for this?

No one. Neither myself nor anyone I am close to has been paid for the creation of this website, any data or analysis on this website, etc. This site is not related to any campaign or political party.

Is this associated with the Secretary of State?

Nope. The only involvement that the GA SOS office has with this site is that the data I use is the data they make publicly available.

So this is just ... for fun?

Yeah, basically. If you like it that's cool. If you like it enough to want to work with me on something else that's even cooler!

Your design sucks a little less now!

Shoutout to Hadi for his quick lesson on typography and spacing.

How do you get this data

The Georgia Secretary of State makes absentee voter files available for free download. You can also download historical voter history files for free. Cue up a little scripting magic (I prefer Python) and you can cut everything up into a relational database. Go buy yourself the full voter list for $255 (after shipping), find a CD-ROM drive you can use to access the file, dust off some more Python scripts and you're set.

These dates seem funny

YES! Congrats, you are like the 1% of people who realized we didn't vote on November 6, 2014, but on November 4th. Rather than do a two-axis chart just to represent the 2-day shift I just matched them up on day-of-election-cycle and used 2018's dates on the axis. Adjust your analysis accordingly.

Why do this?

From time to time I like working on politics stuff.

Are there any more features coming?

Yes! I am still working on pulling in demographics of same-day-of-cycle 2014 voters using an older voter file since ~40,000 people who voted in 2014 aren't on the rolls anymore (probably because they died or moved, not nefarious reasons). I am also working on breaking down results by State House District, State Senate District, and US House District. The data is there and easy to access, making it easy to update and present well (at least as well as I can do) just takes some time.

Do you do anything else fun?

If you like data and marketing stuff, I have a newsletter that goes out when I have something interesting to say.

Ok, take me back to the numbers.